Knowing Your Agent


Your real estate agent is a professional who will be assisting you with financially and emotionally important transactions. You should get a positive feeling from your interactions with your agent. The industry prides itself on a high level of customer service. You should also know something about who you are dealing with. Here’s a bit about me and how I see my role as an agent working in Vancouver.

A position of trust

I see the fiduciary obligations of a real estate agent largely through the lens of my former work as an attorney. I am always being confronted by the similarities that exist between these roles. Privileged relationships are created between practitioner and client in both of these fields. A great deal of trust and faith is placed in these professionals. Both are bound by a code of professional ethics designed to ensure the protection of clients and the public.

My advice, your decisions

When I work with you, my goal is to give you the widest range of options and the best advice possible to help you choose from those options. I want to use every tool in my toolkit to make sure you get the right representation, seize every opportunity, and close the deal on favourable terms.


Buyer's & Seller's info

For The Buyers

As with all things in life, in real estate, it's important to know what you're looking for. In some instances, our first step may be to spend time together just looking at what’s out there so that you can get a good sense of what's available. When we do know what we want, it becomes time to employ the techniques that let us come out on top in the highly-competitive Vancouver market. I want to keep you feeling comfortable and in control no matter what the terrain. Once we begin the process, you'll see how together we can carefully orchestrate your property search to be easy, efficient, and crowned with success.


For The Sellers

You deserve a fair price for your property. When things move quickly, pinning that number down is not always straightforward. I employ an easy-to-follow logic and a series of available and relevant data points so that we can reach a consensus on where the market stands at the moment you choose to sell. Using that information, we can execute proven strategies to ensure a high level of exposure to qualified buyers and the best chance at an eventual sale price that meets or exceeds your expectations. When you entrust me with your listing you'll recognize that these techniques provide the assurance you seek that you aren't leaving anything on the table.